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 Theme Background and Ideas

"Biomedical Research Saves Lives" Poster Contest


Here are some suggestions for poster ideas, but students are free to use their imagination, as long as a basic theme is addressed.


Animal Research Saves Lives!

Virtually every major medical advancement of this century was made possible through research with animals. Your poster can feature a specific disease like polio or diabetes. You might illustrate how life is different today due to cures or treatments available for these diseases. Or you can feature a personal story of how animal research (or a medical treatment or cure) has affected you or a close relative.


Advancements in Biotechnology

Amazing advancements in biotechnology have resulted through animal research everything from developing mice that offer models for human diseases to the “pill cam" and functional artificial body parts! Your poster can feature one of the biotechnological advancements that are helping people or animals today (or will be in the future).


Careers in Biomedical Research

Most people think of a scientist or a doctor when considering a career in science. There is a very long list of careers that meet a wide range of interests these careers also advance medicine and science and help people and animals live longer, healthier lives. Some examples are: bioengineers, animal care technicians, veterinary technicians, veterinarians, hematologists, immunologists, many other “ologists," pharmacists, computer specialists, regulatory officers and inspectors, and more! Your poster can feature one or more science careers that support the advancement of medicine and/or science.


Veterinary Advancements: Animal Research Helping Animals

Veterinarians, regardless of their field of practice, all play a significant role in human health and animal health. Our pets and other animals in our society benefit from animal research too! Vaccines, antibiotics, and advancements in surgery have all lead to longer, healthier lives for animals. Your poster can show benefits for animals, feature a specific advancement, or share a specific story that has affected the life of an animal you know.


3 R's: Replacement, Reduction, Refinement

A widely accepted ethical framework for conducting scientific experiments using animals.  Your poster can feature one of the many ways researchers use the 3 R's.  Replacement refers to methods that avoid or replace the use of animals in scientific research by using other methods such as in vitro cell culture, computer modeling, or human volunteers.  Reduction refers to methods which minimize animal use and enable researchers to obtain comparable levels of information from fewer animals, or to obtain more information from the same number of animals.  Refinement refers to methods which minimize actual or potential pain, suffering, distress, and/or improve animal welfare in situations where the use of animals is unavoidable.


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