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About PSBR

The Pennsylvania Society for Biomedical Research (PSBR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit science education organization formed in 1990 by universities, medical schools, pharmaceutical firms, and professional societies in Pennsylvania and Delaware to foster a better understanding of the benefits of biomedical research to human and animal health, as well as the necessity for the humane treatment of animals in such research.

Our membership and supporters include many leading biomedical research and educational institutions, healthcare-related corporations, professional societies, hospitals, and companies supporting biomedical research. The society is governed by a Board of Directors.

Note: PSBR does not conduct medical research. We are a non-profit that educates about medical research and the benefits to humans and animals. 


The goal of the PSBR is to educate the public, including students and teachers in grades K-16, about biomedical research and the vital role the responsible use of animals plays in improving the quality of both human and animal health. PSBR seeks to provide facts to permit individuals or the public to form independent opinions and conclusions about the necessity and benefits of utilizing animals in scientific research.

Our role is to inform, educate, champion, advocate, and communicate to those who can have an impact on or be impacted by biomedical research- which is just about everyone!

The society supports the responsible use of animals for essential medical research and education in the prevention and treatment of human and animal diseases when no reliable alternative exists.  We in the scientific community are committed to advancing knowledge that is critical to the development of safe and effective medical therapies needed by individual patients and even animals. The humane use of animals in research is essential in this effort, at least for the foreseeable future.

All of our programs include information about alternatives to the use of animals and highlight the commitment of the scientific community to the 3 R's - Reduction, Refinement, and Replacement.  PSBR supports the development of technologies that allow reduction or replacement of animals in research, or those that refine current procedures or animal care to ensure the highest standards of care and use for laboratory animals.

The society and its members seek to assure all that strict laws, regulations, and professional standards govern the use and treatment of laboratory animals. We are dedicated to informing people that these laws are being ethically and responsibly followed in research laboratories.