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Other Programs

Free Educational Materials: We provide free educational support through study materials and classroom materials for grades K-16. A description of all current resources can be viewed and requested online. PDF versions off all resources are also available online. Click here for more information.


Student Award Sponsorship: PSBR sponsors various science fair awards for students including awards at the Montgomery County Science Research Competition and the Delaware Valley Science Fair.


STEM Events: PSBR attends and presents at school career fairs/days. We attend events such as the Philadelphia Science Festival to educate people using a fun, interactive research trivia game designed to engage people of all ages in an activity that shares positive and factual information about animal research and its benefits to both humans and animals. We exhibit at STEM related events to distribute materials and interact with STEM professionals throughout the state.


Teacher Conferences: PSBR exhibits and presents at various annual teacher conferences including the Pennsylvania Science Teachers Association conference, the Montgomery County Science Teachers Association conference, and STEMathon. PSBR provides educational materials to teachers and information about how PSBR can support them in the classroom.


Industry Conferences: PSBR exhibits at lab animal community conferences and veterinarian/vet tech conferences. Our main focus at these conferences is to generate support for advocacy and encourage others to talk about animal research and to share the true facts.