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For Teachers

PSBR offers free resources for teachers in grades K-16


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Free Educational Materials

PSBR can provide educational resources free of charge by request for your classroom.

Available Materials: Click here to view a description and a PDF version of each available resource.

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Student Contests

Check out our annual student contests that include cash prizes!

Essay contest (6th-12th)

Poster contest (K-12th)

Digital Media contest (6th-12th)


The Great Grow Along

The Great Grow Along brings together the scientific method and nutrition concepts in a fun and exciting educational program. Through an animal feeding project using live lab rats, students witness the effect of nutrition on growth and are challenged to reflect on their own food behaviors. Students also learn the steps of the scientific method and how to set up a scientific experiment, collect data, and analyze the results.

The animal feeding project begins during the second module, after detailed instruction on animal care, the experimental procedure, and nutrition basics have been presented. The project applies the scientific method in the feeding of two rats (additional rats can be ordered). Both rats receive the same food; however, the control rat receives milk and the treatment rat receives a sugar water beverage of equal calories. A switch in beverages occurs in the fourth week of the feeding project. This will dramatically illustrate effects of nutrition during periods of rapid growth.

PSBR provides the "kit" which includes a teacher's curriculum manual and supplies. PSBR coordinates the donation of rats from a purpose bred rodent vendor and we provide cages, water bowls, food dishes, and bedding (all free of charge).

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Teacher Curricula (Courtesy of NWABR)


Classroom Visits, Student Workshops & Support 

PSBR can provide student workshops for High School students, classroom visits, assembly programs, after school or community events, participation in science fair judging, career days, and more!

Does your school host a career day for students? PSBR participates in school career days to introduce students to a wide range of career options in the biomedical research and veterinary industries. Request a career day visit!

Please let us know if there is any other way we can support your school's science education.


Interactive Webinars

Bring biomedical research into your classroom!  PSBR provides FREE interactive webinars right to your classroom! All you need is a computer with a microphone and a webcam...we do the rest!  Students will be able to interact with the speaker through Q&A, discussions, and even some activities.


The Vaccine Makers Project

Click here to check out our newly-developed FREE interactive and standards-aligned classroom lessons exploring how animal research has contributed to human health and why it is important to biomedical research. These lessons were developed in collaboration with the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (VEC).


Additional Online Curricula and Resources

Research Curricula Source

The Great Diseases (various topics)

Tufts University

Life Science Curricula (various topics)


Science/Research Curricula - Various topics including animal research, clinical trials, diabetes, heart disease, nutrition, vaccines, behavior, parasites, and more!




Veterinary Medicine Curricula


What Does a Vet Do?


Veterinarians in Biomedical Research


Agriculture Lessons- High School


Veterinary Career Powerpoints- K-12th




Online Resources


Online Microscope Lessons


Nobel Prize Interactive Games

Nobel Prize

Interviews with Scientists

Carry the 1 Radio

The Science of Innovation (video series)

National Science Foundation