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Lab Animal Career Info

Laboratory Animal Science

This is the area of biomedical research that specializes in the care and study of animals used in medical research, testing, and teaching. Animals are a crucial part of biomedical research.

Before scientists can develop ways to treat health conditions in both humans and in animals, they need to understand the situation. Researchers use animals to learn more about these conditions and to discover more effective methods for diagnosing, treating, and curing diseases that affect both humans and animals and to assure the safety of new medical treatments and procedures.

Researchers remain devoted to providing the best care for these animals, which also strengthens valid and reliable research results. Source: Careers in Biomedical Research


Laboratory Animal Science professionals share a love for animals and a quest for medical discovery. They care for animals, help drive medical discoveries, and work to advance human and animal health. They strive every day to ensure that our animals receive the highest quality care and respect they deserve for their important contributions toward advancing the health of people and animals.

There are a vast array of career opportunities in this fascinating field - equipment support specialists, managers, veterinarians, veterinarian technicians, research technicians, animal behaviorists, legal and compliance specialists, accountants and more. Each person plays an integral role in driving medical progress to benefit humans and animals.

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Common Job Descriptions (Courtesy of MSMR):

Level I - Caretaker or Cage Washer

Level II - Technician

Level III - Technologist

Level IV - Supervisor

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